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- Boondock Saints

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

TRADER ALERT: User Fakes Being Bloomberg Reporter, Spreads False Info About Deutsche Bank

You have to be smart and on your toes out here. Sadly, this novice attempted to punk me and now he's been reported to the SEC and further having his efforts documented here.

Here's what happened.

Some fake Bloomberg Live account (spelled with a capital "I" and not an "L") has been deleting his tweets after multiple tweets saying negative and untrue things about Deutsche Bank.

The bullshit began with a tweet sent to me only, then followed by many tweets tagging other popular  Twitter accounts. This account, using Stefano Bertozzi as a name, has been the echo chamber for the fake Bloomberg Live account.

Here's the tweet that was "unavailable" because he deleted it:

Note the names tagged. He attempted to manipulate those users he tagged and as a testament to their quality as real traders, those accounts just ignored him.

Then he began to Tweet that CEO John Cryan resigned, which is not even remotely true and Deutsche isn't even in the realm of a bail-in....yet:

Recall how many of us had been investigated for Lehman/Bear chatter and how the Canadian government came after traders regarding liquidity rumors surrounding their banks back in 2013. The SEC needs to investigate this if for no other reason than for the hell they gave everyone else previously for doing the same thing but in chat rooms.

Then Stefano used his other account to retweet that same fake story:

Here's links to both of the accounts:

Other Fake Account - https://twitter.com/bloombergIive

I'll await an SEC response to my complaint about this but I won't hold my breath. Let's just start buying Deustche Bank and squeeze the little fucker.

Before I end, one piece of advice from Gone In 60 Seconds: "You lazy, half-ass...boy, you need a role model."

And, just in case this stupid little shit is reading my blog: