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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Source Confirms Samsung Management Knew Of Note 7 Fire Hazard In Early Stage Production

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, that phone that no one can take on airplanes because it explodes into a fireball, was allowed to go to production following warnings from Samsung's engineering department according to a source I spoke with.

I won't tell you who my source is but the person is involved in the distribution and production aspects of the Galaxy. I was told at dinner on a recent trip to Europe that management was blinded by the short-term gains of Samsung's bonus structure resulting in a failure to lend credibility to engineering's claim that testing showed an increased fire hazard.

I own the Note 5. I really like the damn thing, Samsung made a great device. The rush to generate a pathetic upgrade cycle and take money from customers resulted in one of the most epic cellular telephone failures in recent memory as the Note 7 has been widely reported to catch fire and shoot out lithium balls that start fires and pose a serious risk to users and others. The fires are so fucking bad that airliners are forcing passengers to turn the fireballs Note 7s over to crew members for safe storing to prevent a random lithium explosion from bringing down airplanes.

Management was hired to hire other intelligent people to help Samsung improve on the Note 5 success, yet for some god-awful reason management decided to tell engineering to fuck off when serious concerns were raised about the potential for widespread fires and risk to users. To make things worse, the source tells me that engineering had expressed these concerns in the first stages of development but management didn't want to risk losing their bonus by nixing the production. Good bet, NOT!

Samsung's management, most of whom have been fired, are a bunch of assholes and they destroyed resources and shareholder value.