"We risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance"
- Rubén Blades

"You can't make up anything anymore. The world itself is a satire. All you're doing is recording it"
- Art Buchwald

"It's getting exciting now, two and one-half. Think of everything we've accomplished, man. Out these windows, we will view the collapse of financial history. One step closer to economic equilibrium"
- Tyler Durden

"It is your corrupt we claim. It is your evil that will be sought by us. With every breath, we shall hunt them down."
- Boondock Saints

Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday HFT Links

NYSE Boss Says High-Frequency Trading Firms On The Move (Reuters)
Think Before You Click (EFinancialNews)
Neutrino's To Give High-Frequency Traders The Millisecond Edge (Forbes)
Still Hacking Away At HFT (Finextra)
The Fear Factor (CommonWeal)
OEM Agreement With OptionsCity For High-Performance Trading & Market-Making Platforms (MarketWatch)