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- Art Buchwald

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- Tyler Durden

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- Boondock Saints

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Benefits of Dealing With Real Traders

I'll keep this brief.  It's no secret to all of you how much I despise these fake traders who issue research reports for $30 a month and are basically middle aged men, well over the hill, pretending to be young bucks while experiencing a terrible onset of cognitive dissonance.  Anyways, halfwits like FraudEyeGuy Hedgeye would never have seen the Brookdale example I am about to show you, mostly because their "gaming" analyst stated they don't trade, either he himself is lying or Hedgeye really doesn't have AUM or trade, either way, here's some information you would have grabbed for free from me, just one example, while you followed Hedgeye into a Restoration Hardware long at $70 six months ago only to have it be worth $63.67 this morning.

Let's be real, it's not like Mick Malisic was on top of this shit, he was busy pretending to play hedgefund manager with the other mid 40 disintegrating brain never-has-beens.

This morning TheStreet.com is reporting a Brookdale Senior Living buyout of Emeritus Corporation, article here.

Here's the original lot I caught followed by selected conversations I had with guys, you can search these conversations and dig deeper if you wish, @Bluser12 actually followed in and put a trade on.

Soon after, the tweeting began:

Cheers guys and remember, follow real traders, not these subscription based middle aged men having middle life crisis identity breakdowns, unless you want  to be exposed to Restoration hardware for 6 months only to be down 7 dollars a share when you could have followed into $BKD on insight from real traders.  If you roll with chumps, you are a chump.  

To close, here's yesterday's video and I'll cover this $BKD information in this weekends video.  Have great weekend guys and props to @Bluser12 for manning up and following the big money on this $BKD trade.

And Bloomberg calls me a manipulator, yeah ok.