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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cramer Is A Hack And Our Exchanges Are Under Attack

Jim Cramer should not be allowed to speak about anything on TV.  As a nation, we have a responsibility to maintain the information being shared with our community and if we buy into the whole Ra-Ra-Nationalism bullshit, then as American's we should be preventing someone like Jim Cramer from talking to the people.  He isn't the smartest person to ever exist and he has proven over and over and over again why his interest is not aligned with the general public, let alone the half-wit CNBC audience.

For years I've rallied against CNBC and some of the anchors from Bloomberg, specially Bloomberg West and Trish Regan...two things Bloomberg LP should cut ties with immediately. 

Jim Cramer is a scumbag and he manipulated CNBC in the past for his own benefit: 

Let's not forget the bullshit Jon Stewart called him out on:

Cramer, being a large cartoonish presence on financial television, is easy to attack.  Going further, this guy flip slops like a bitch.  Recall him going off on NASDARK re: HFT.  How incredible this chooch-a-roo switched his views from his post a mere 3-months earlier, to wit, from this dimwit:
"The fact is it's here to stay. Learn to stop hating it, embrace the madness, and profit from it."
Read more from the faggot here.  He wanted you, then, to embrace HFT, now, he switches his views and is clearly angered by the tainted motives the Nasdaq is displaying they have. 

Financial TV mascots are here to market a view that the financial lobby wants the public to believe.  With Jim Cramer flip-flopping like the bitch he is, how is this guy still on TV?  He's a damaging individual who uses the implied thought that he knows what he his talking about to market products to an audience every time CNBC cuts to commercial.   This guy has left the public less educated, poorer, and shown the hypocrisy that exists at that hell-hole of a production studio now located in the NYSE called CNBC, or Can Never Be Correct.

So, we now have Bloomberg joining the fray regarding NASDARK (I think this is something larger than is being let on, specifically I believe this is Financial Terrorism straight up) and allowing Bobby "Baby Gap" Grefield to rewrite history and provide a cover for their pathetic ability to be an exchange anymore.  Nasdaq has sold out and any reference to their character before 2007 is unwarranted as NASDAQ is nothing more than an avenue for big players to gang-rap the small, retail guys:

Bob basically provided the cover his handlers want him to provide, however, given the events of August, I find it a serious stretch to believe this was merely some bullshit coding/connectivity problem.  Recall the Nasdaq claims regarding thwarted hackers, courtesy of the WSJ on August 15:
"Intruders last month gained access to an investing forum hosted by Nasdaq, compromising users' email addresses and login information."
 "This is something we deal with all day, every day," said Robert Greifeld"
They get hack attacks, a lot.  Big deal.  Well, actually it is because let us revisit the insane events from August 2013.
These attacks have been planned and it all happened as the situation in Syria deteriorated and America pondered revitalizing the stagnate jobs market with deployments of men and women back overseas to fight yet another war.  You won't hear it on TV because, god forbid, American Ra-Ra-Nationalism and all.  Feel free to opine tonight at 7PM NYC time on BTFDtv.com's Calibrated Confidence Corner, we'll be talking about it.