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- Art Buchwald

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RIMM Blasts Ahead Of "Sale" News

This morning at 11:05:33 RIMM was showing up on both HFT Alert and HFT Alert Pro before the news release was reported by CNBC claiming a blogger reported that RIMM could be sold to Samsung.  Naturally, the stock went ape-shit and rose.  Below are the tables from HFT Alert Pro and HFT Alert.  Oddly, the spread stayed tight the whole way up (see last chart from Nanex)

1 Minute Chart of RIMM

The computers started to place their orders once they got the news first before it was distributed to the general public:

Here is HFT Alert:

Notice the orders were coming at 11:05:33 and the news didn't make it out until a 127 seconds later:

Nanex Chart - 1 Minute