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- Art Buchwald

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- Tyler Durden

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- Boondock Saints

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Final 45: Through The Eyes of HFT Alert

So the market decide to go up today, the wind must have been blowing South-East.  Before I show you the power of this new platform I was lucky enough to discover, I want to go through the headlines to contrast factual truth and emotional propaganda.  The Indices rallied today and surely caught those net short off guard.  The afternoon low on the S&P 500 was 1079.32 at 3:11 PM.  At 3:18:08 the HFT Alert shows that WMD had executed 0 trades on nearly 5,000 quotes with in 1 second.  Following that, the bots took their caffeine drip and turned it into a stream which drove the rally we saw at the close, leading to Bob Pasani using two cans of Aquanet so that his precious hair stays put while he shakes head in school girl excitement as he proclaims the rally was on Greek news.

Here are two headlines from MarketWatch and CNBC respectively,

Let us remember that regardless of the news, the smart money is coming to the US, no one is rushing in to pick up Greek equity, bonds, or European currency.  Sure, Jim Cramer's sheeple are clinging to his every word and will surely be happy tonight when his show airs, but let us, the real market makers, show how to create froth.

Below is a chart off HFT Alert's platform and what you see is that at 15:43:41 HFT hit 500 stocks and upon closer inspection using the High Quote Counts table we can see that fluttering was used to raise the Best Bid Offer on SPY (recall that SPY dropped first then the index during the flash crash.  For more see VPRO's Money and Speed iPad App and look under info-graphics and Fall Of The E-Mini).  This is what helped the SPX on its final run to close up 24.72.

So before the mainstream media opines on what happened (mind you we actually manage money at this outlet) calibrate your thinking so you don't become like the rest of them, shocked that the rally doesn't continue.  If anything I say it was the Plunge Protection Team but what do I know, I'm just looking at facts and deducing my own reality.  If you want to be armed for this battle you should seriously consider ditching your cell phone and paying for HFT Alert, the return on capital will be astronomical.  And lest we forget to include the hard hitting truth of Alessio Rastani, many of our readers may actually believe the price movement today and expect that markets have fallen for the European version of the game so well played in the US called Hide The Debt.