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Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Another Bender To Drink Away Success, Apple's Newest Intern Loses iPhone5 in Mexican Bar

In another twist to the Apple saga, the newest iPhone5 was "leaked" again in typical Apple fashion.  Let's just hope this time the rules of finders/keepers sticks.  The hype draws more attention to Apple and also enables Sprint to gain more exposure as hapless employees from Apple continue to misplace the phones that cause havoc in NYC whenever new ones are rolled out.

As the Tech consolidation movement moves further along, Google is expected to use up some of its over $10 Billion in cash to buy-out Sprint.  ATT and t Mobile's merger was rejected by the DoJ but if Google manages to buy Sprint, that could reverse.  With Sprint's network able to compete with Verizon's, we could reasonably expect that ATT will be allowed to go along with the t Mobile merger.  Aside from Sprint, Vonage offers investors a chance to be involved with small cap stocks that have visibility across platforms (Vonage Apps, in-house wall connections, VoIP).

From TheRegister:
Apple has to wonder if it's really hiring the cream of the crop when another of its employees manages to leave a another prototype iPhone in a bar.
Yes, in a story we've all heard before, some hipster from Apple went out on the town with the prototype, presumably under the guise of some sort of testing, and then accidentally left it behind, CNET reported.
Apparently, the hapless worker was working on the prototype at Mexican bar and restaurant Cava22 in July when the phone went missing, and it may have subsequently been sold on Craigslist for $200.
The story is an almost exact reprise of the one last year, when a prototype iPhone 4 that had been found in a bar was sold to gadget blog Gizmodo for $5,000. The then-editor Jason Chen and Gizmodo itself got away without facing charges in that incident, though the two men who found and sold the smartphone were charged with misdemeanours.
Apple reportedly went straight to the police this time, but hasn't been able to find the phone.
Cava22 owner Jose Valle has said that neither the police nor Apple have ever contacted him, although he does remember getting calls about a lost iPhone about a month ago.
"I guess I have to make my drinks a little less strong," he said.
He may well be right, as according to one of the many reviews of Cava22 on yelp.com: "Lots of tequila. Lots" is on the menu along with some good seafood.
Meanwhile, the obsession with the iPhone 4G/4GS/5/5S that hasn't even been officially announced yet continues, with another report suggesting that the little icon used to denote an iPhone on Apple's Photo Stream beta looks different to that depicting existing iPhones and therefore could be a leaked hint of what the new iPhone will look like. One wonders why Apple ever has to spend any money on marketing. ®