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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rolling Blackouts

Here is a list of Nuke plants along the east coast that have been shut down or are expect to shut down.  Aside from Virgina plants being shut down from the earthquake, if these others one a turn off, expect blackouts and Enron type electricity bills.  To check the areas yourself just simple copy and paste the title in a Google search bar.  As the storm rides along coast with forecasts to pass over VA beach and along Delware and NJ, the rainfall and winds can be expected to be 50 to 100 miles inland.  Power is already out across most of the North Carolina coast, with most areas experience outages in excess of 10,000 people per county.

Nuclear reactors sit on eight coastal sites along the Eastern seaboard in the projected path of Hurricane Irene. They are built to withstand winds much stronger than those expected from Irene. They are also equipped with backup generators protected from flooding to provide power to keep the reactor cool if outside power is lost. Still, some will likely be shut down as a precaution in advance of Irene's winds and heavy rains.

North Carolina
Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant
Location: Near Southport, N.C., 30 miles south of Wilmington.
Operator: Progress Energy

Surry Power Station
Location: Surry County, Va., 35 miles northwest of Norfolk.
Operator: Dominion Resources

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
Location: Lusby, Md., 60 miles southeast of Washington.
Operator: Constellation Energy

New Jersey
Salem and Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Stations
Location: Lower Alloways Creek, NJ, 20 miles south of Wilmington, Del.
Operator: PSEG
Oyster Creek Generating Station
Location: Lacey Township, NJ, 60 miles east of Philadelphia.
Operator: Exelon
Millstone Power Station
Location: Waterford, Conn., 60 miles southeast of Hartford.
Operator: Dominion Resources

Pilgrim Nuclear Station
Location: Plymouth, Mass., 45 miles south of Boston.
Operator: Entergy

New Hampshire
Seabrook Station
Location: Seabrook, NH, 45 miles north of Boston.
Operator: NextEra Energy

From Progress Energy:

From Duke Energy:
Brunswick, North Carolina

Salem, New Jersey

Louisa County, Virgina