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- Art Buchwald

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- Boondock Saints

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

T-T-T-Today Junior!

www.google.com 2011-7-19 12-29-48

Earlier today the Murdoch & Co. were grilled about their extreme ignorance as heads of News Corp and the horseshit that has gone down with News Of The World.  These two guys were wildly nervous.  Rupert was hit with a pie of shaving cream and he is sitting next to his son, no jacket, with his arms tucked below the table and leaning, like a young boy who knows he just got caught peeking on his hot neighbor.  Young Murdoch, stuttering like the boy from Billy Madison, has constantly over talked the questionnaires.  

What is strikingly curious to the astute is why this would be broadcast on every channel in the US.  Not many in the States knew of News Of World.  Worldwide under a Google Insights Search the United States doesn’t show up as being a nation searching for the tabloid.  It is a strikingly evident the blatantly decisions that are made by ALL stations to cover this.  Phone hacking can be harmful but consider the fact that your online info can be stolen with a Pringles can (video below after Murdoch Videos) lends itself the conclusion that its up to us to cover our asses. 

Here are the parts that were available on YouTube

Murdoch Part 1 (Coverage starts at 6:54 & is then continuous)

Murdoch Part 2

Murdoch Part 3

Murdoch Part 4

Murdoch Part 5

Pringles Can To Steal Wi-Fi Information