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Friday, July 22, 2011

JPM CME Silver Up 2430% since March 24, 2011

Back in March I started recording the inventory at the CME for Silver.  The Silver Bears began wandering around my neck of the woods and sparked my interest naturally (it must have been the classic fart sounds).  If you haven’t seen them in action, click the YouTube banner above.  My record keeping dates became further apart as distractions arose and I just didn’t download the sheets.  Now that I have time at night I’ve decided to begin following Silver again.  When I downloaded the sheet today something surprised me.  JPM’s change in stored silver at CME rose 2430% since March 24, 2011! Registered silver has decreased a whopping 35.85%, Eligible storage changed 21.06% and overall combined Silver for all the banks is –1.75%.  
Below you’ll see a table for for storage levels on dates I have recorded.  Those points are on the graphs posted.  The index value for Silver added by JPM was so extreme I had to put it on another chart just you could see the relationship between between the CME designations.

Silver Store At The CME and JPM Specifically
JPM Silver Storage Column

Registered, Eligible, Combined Total Columns 

Index Chart Data Points