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Sunday, April 17, 2011

University of Texas Buys Gold

University of Texas just ordered $1bn in Gold (Sources here, here, and here).   We're told it is being bought from HSBC.  See below for the movement of Gold as report by the CRIMEx and their cartel.  There is plenty of unexplained happens going on with the numbers.  I first saw 160,446 Troy Ounces come in to JPM's vault on 3/29. This stayed until 4/8, 3 days before earnings, then it nearly doubled adding another 160,145 oz now totaling 320,399 Troy Ounces. With that 320,399 at Friday April 8th Close Price $1476.4, JPM had $473,037,083.60 worth of Gold stored at their Comex certified vault that should have taken 45 to be registered but was only done in two (evidence here and here).

After earnings, on 4/13 JPM added another 69,199 oz then the next day, this past Thursday, added 160,453, bringing the current total to 550,051 Troy Ounces. At Thursdays close of $1475.8 JPM Gold holdings totaled $811,765,265.80. I bet you that is all for UoT. Below and in this email are the links for the factual, reported data so you can follow this and silvers manipulation. A great chart to see JPM manipulation at work can be viewed on Friday, 4/15 in 1-minute intervals, Candle Trend Style. If you look at 8:33, 12:15, and 1:30 you can see the huge drops within a few minutes. These are the same drops that Andrew Maguire described in his now infamous CFTC emails.

Final note: JPM has 30,000 Troy Ounces at Comex, and 1 SLV contract size, according to CME regulation, represents 5000 Troy Ounces. JPM has enough Silver for 6 Contracts and they are the manager of the SLV ETF, which had a volume on Friday 4/15 of 152,000. Enjoy and grab you favorite vodka....

Metal Deposit on April 8th, as report April 11th 
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Metal Deposit on April 14th, as report April 15th  
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